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How EO Ottawa can help your business

How EO Ottawa can help your business

We believe that diversity is vital to the health of businesses and we’re proud to work with businesses across the province to help them realise the benefits of a diverse workforce.

In a recent research study, more than 90% of Canadian employers reported significant organizational benefits of employing people with disability.

The most common benefits are:

– A positive impact on workplace culture
– Improved workplace atmosphere and attitude
– Improved team morale
– Improved creativity through an increased variety of perspectives
– Improved resilience and ability to cope with challenges

We also believe that everyone is capable of work.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping people find work and assisting Canadian businesses to grow.

Part of this includes understanding each job seekers’ strengths and what they want to achieve. While we acknowledge their disability, our focus is their ability and what they have to offer an employer.

We have recently launched Employment Ontario, a new recruitment experience connecting employers who want to build a diverse workforce and job seekers and an injury, illness or disability.

Beyond hiring a person with disability, Employment Ontario can support your organisation with a range of services including:

– Diversity workforce planning
– Assessments to support people with disability in the workplace
– Workplace adjustments (at little or no cost to your business)
– Ongoing support for employers and employees
– Pre-employment assessments
– Workplace health and wellness
– Injury prevention and early intervention
– Return to work programs
– Managing workers’ compensation, insurance and medicolegal requirements
– Providing greater support to people with disability in your local community