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Retention support is available

Retention support is available

When you hire a new team member, the recruitment process is just the beginning. Ensuring your new employee settles in well and is a happy, productive and valuable member of your team is as important as the recruitment and selection process.

Employment Ontario Ottawa is a new recruitment experience connecting employers and job seekers, powered by WCG. We are proud to provide comprehensive retention supports for all employers and job seekers we connect.

Employment Ontario is proud to provide a comprehensive retention support service for all employers and job seekers we connect. This service includes access to a dedicated team who will:

– Spend time with your employee – to settle them in
– Work with your employee to ensure they’re able to meet your performance standards
– Support and educate your team to welcome a person with disability
– Help with any issues that arise
– Support you and your employee to get new equipment, tools or make workplace modifications

Our experienced team will keep in touch with you and your employee for at least twelve months, providing support, guidance and advice as necessary.

Before retention supports, Employment Ontario Ottawa can also assist you with making sure your employee has the best possible start in their new job by:

– Assessing the need for workplace adjustments, training or equipment
– Creating ordered instruction and checklists of reminders to assist them
– Setting up performance appraisals and timetables for skills development

Employment Ontario Ottawa is committed to your continued success and growth in our community, and your employee’s success.